SailX announces the 2017 Virtual Sailing World & Nationals Championships


SailX is delighted to announce the Virtual Sailing World Championship 2017. This Championship will start on Monday 17th April and conclude five weeks later on Sunday 14th May with a Grand Final – a single regatta between the Top-30. Winner-takes-all.

Entry is fully-open and free and importantly, scoring ramps up as the competition progresses, giving new players plenty of time to get up to speed.

This is the third edition of a very successful regatta format.

Last year’s event featured competitors from 70 countries worldwide racing 264 Official Regattas, 1,694 races and 168,672 boat starts in over 36,000 hours of racing!

SailX grand final

“SailX has tremendously improved my ability to think in terms of strategy around the course and tactics in the presence of other boats. Possibly the more important thing to me, it has improved my ability to anticipate situations as each real life race progresses. I am looking forward to bringing the tremendous amount that I have learned over these past months to bear on my real life racing.”

Bob Christensen, Winner, Virtual Sailing World Championship 2015.

Introducing SailX

SailX is a high-quality multiplayer online racing simulation that enables sailors from all over the world to race against each other in real-time.

It’s used by total beginners right the way through to the world’s best sailors, coaches and teams who use it to train and teach the strategies and tactics of inshore sailboat racing.

While it’s no substitute for real sailing, SailX is a credible and highly competitive testing ground for the racing sailor: boat-speed and boat-handling are not worth a lot if you are sailing in the wrong direction!

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