Drysuit or Longjohn? What to wear?

Drysuit or Longjohn?

The 32nd edition of the Easter Regatta is about to start! The Magic Marine Easter Regatta is one of the highest level regattas in the Netherlands with a lot of international competitors and of course the Dutch National Team members. Officially spring  in Holland has started, but the elements always stay pretty unpredictable. Both a drysuit with layers underneath and a long john will keep you warm and dry. This tech update might help you to decide what to wear when facing the elements.

A Drysuit: comfort is key

The big advantage of a drysuit is just what the name already tells you, it protects you from the elements and keeps you dry. Underneath a drysuit you can wear one or two layers, depending on the temperature out there. Our bipoly vest and pants are an ideal first layer. They need to be worn next to the skin for optimum comfort and help to regulate moisture, keeping your skin dry. Bipoly can be worn underneath your Drysuit, Foul Weather gear or even your wetsuit.

The mid layer, like our fleece, needs to be worn over the base layer and is necessary in cold(er) weather to provide insulation. This layer acts as a thermal insulator by trapping air from the body and warming it up between the layers. It should be more loose-fitting than the base layer to support moisture transfer but sill tight enough to promote the trapping of air for warming.

The shell layer, in this situation the drysuit, is the top layer that protects you from the elements. This shell layer is always protected by an inner lining to limit moisture on the inside and promote breathability. When choosing a dry suit, remember this: you’re in it to win it! So don’t open zippers for fresh air and take your time when you need to use the toilet.

Hidde van der Meer (13 years) is sailing an Optimist since 2012:
“Until last summer I mostly sailed in a dry suit, it’s easy to wear and relaxed to stay dry. Nowadays I wear a long john and Magic Marine top more often. It makes it easier for to move around around and it gives me a better feeling of  my boat, which is important for me as the level of competition is getting higher.”

Dry suit

A neoprene wetsuit provides optimal freedom

When you don’t fancy wearing a drysuit because you feel all wrapped up, what else can you wear? The 80% M-Flex 4mm neoprene long john is developed using high quality material and the latest technology to create our best winter long john yet. And it’s a perfect alternative. It features a polar lining combined with 70% M-Flex neoprene for maximum stretch and comfort designed to crossover the necessities of flexibility and warmth. Combining it with the Ultimate 3mm Neoprene Top protects you all over from the cold. Not such a technical issue maybe, but seriously, when you need to pee often the neoprene long john is your best friend.

Henri Demesmaeker, 16 years old and sailing on the Nacra17 for Belgium: “I would recommend the 4 mm Longjohn if you want to keep warm and very flexible, in combination with the 3mm Neo Top you are ready to keep warm and rock in every type of weather. ”

When you really want to play safe and want to go for a full suit instead of a long john the Magic Marine Ace wetsuit is your best deal. This DryTec quickdry wetsuit is an outer layer and mid layer in one. The fabric dries 3 times faster than standard neoprene linings. The lining feels as a soft wool sweater and is placed in crucial locations in the chest and back to ensure maximum comfort.


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