Dutch Solings warming up for the Worlds 2017

Solings sailing

Training, training and again training is the advice! Are you willing to win the Worlds you have to train, train and train with your crew and your Soling. The Dutch Soling Association has a lot of regattas in Holland to warm up for the Worlds.

Three regattas in Holland, including the Dutch Open Championship in June and 1 regatta in Italy, Riva del Garda, the European championship in July. Of course in between they will practise there skills and train in secret, but results on the Worlds are never sure! The competition is major.

Here under I mention the Soling regattas were the Dutch are warming up for the Worlds

March 24th and 25th (already past), Soling Tuliprace in Aalsmeer on Lake Westeinder.

April 15th , 16th and 17th, the Easter Bunny, also in Aalsmeer on Lake Westeinder. This regatta is a continuation of the March 24 and 25 regatta.

June 10th and 11th , Pre Worlds in Holland. Open Dutch Championship in Muiden on the Lake Marker. You can get more information about the Dutch Open, asking the Board Member Rudy den Outer via email soling.secretaris@gmail.com

July 11th – July 16th . European Soling Championship in Italy, Riva del Garda on Lake Garda. Several Dutch Soling sailors and their crew will attend this regatta on the beautiful lake with the strong winds in the afternoon. The website of the sailing club Riva will give you more information, www.fragliavelariva.it or on the Soling website.

And of course the Worlds 2017…. in Holland! September 16th – 22th in Muiden, on Lake Marker, nearby Amsterdam in The Netherlands. On the website www.soling.com you can find all the information you need. For a nice impression of the Dutch Soling Association read more on www.solingclubnederland.blogspot.nl . The website of the club who is organising the Worlds is www.knzrv.nl.

There are 2 cooling down regattas. If you won the Worlds you need to cool down….?!

On October 7th and 8th we sail the Winemonth regatta nearby Alkmaar (Akkersloot) on Lake Alkmaar

And last but not least….. the Butterletter Regatta on the lake Kralingen in Rotterdam. On December 2th and 3th this traditional regatta will be held during freezing cold weather. Really something for the diehards and a nice closing regatta for this season.

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