Another great season of OK Dinghy sailing ahead

OK Dinghy sailing

As we begin our 60th year the OK Dinghy class has a lot to celebrate. We remain a strong, healthy and vibrant class that is witnessing growth levels as strong as any for a generation.

We have more boat builders building more new boats than any time in recent memory. By April 1 this year, OKDIA has sold more new boat plaques that in the whole of each of the previous eight years. We have not seen this many new boats being since the mid-1980s.

We have some fantastic venues lined up for this year, and for the coming years. The World Championship in Barbados will be very special and the Europeans in Denmark will be a great event with the normal great Danish hospitality. Preceded by a coached clinic, and with the main 60th anniversary celebrations held there, this will be one not to miss.

Many of those not going to Barbados are looking forward to the traditional Medemblik Spring Cup, or the Mediterranean Cup in Bandol, an area of significant growth in recent years.

A new magazine will be landing on your doormats soon, we have some new event branding to showcase this year, and a new book is being put together. There is a lot to get involved in and a lot of OK Dinghy sailing to be done.

Enjoy the season, wherever you are sailing OK.

OK Dinghy World Ranking List – April 2017
For the first time in the history of the OK Dinghy World Ranking List, not only are the top 3 three unchanged, but the entire top 20 of the March 2017 release are unchanged from the previous release. European Champion, Bo Petersen (DEN) continues to lead from Thomas Hansson-Mild (SWE) and Greg Wilcox (NZL). See full list here
Rank    Name    Nat.    Sailno.    Points    Events sailed
(5 to count)
1    Bo Petersen    DEN    1431    1046,06    13
2    Thomas Hanson-Mild    SWE    100    1021,77    10
3    Greg Wilcox    NZL    544    985,70    14
4    Charlie Cumbley    GBR    2173    985,08    8
5    Stefan Myralf    DEN    6    972,41    10
6    Richard Burton    GBR    2183    951,13    8
7    Martin von Zimmermann    GER    693    908,29    14
8    Pawel Pawlaczyk    POL    14    898,22    9
9    David Bourne    GBR    17    874,86    8
10    Tomasz Gaj    POL    1    866,10    9
11    Andre Budzien    GER    792    863,19    9
12    Jim Hunt    GBR    1    856,13    7
13    Mark Jackson    AUS    735    817,51    7
14    Jorgen Svendsen    DEN    3    810,22    8
15    Bo Reker Andersen    DEN    1    801,29    16
16    Mats Caap    SWE    2797    798,78    5
17    Henrik Kofoed Larsen    DEN    1397    784,63    9
18    Jonas Borjesson    SWE    2809    779,94    9
19    Andreas Pich    GER    797    763,57    14
20    Robert Deaves    GBR    2156    750,83    8

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