IRC European Championship: 5-9 july 2017

IRC European Championship

With nearly 40 entries (from Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Turkey and France) and more than twice as many expected in the next two months, the Marseille 2017 IRC European Championship promises to be a great event.

Two months before the event, the entry list shows a variety of designs, including four TP52s already registered. The German crew of Phoenix will face the Southern French teams of Arobas2 Alieee and Team Vision Future, ‘king’ of the French Mediterranean coast and winner of the last SNIM. Team Vision Future is a favourite in IRC0.

Another one to watch will be the Italian boat Endless Game. This Cookson 50, docked in Naples throughout the year, will be rubbing shoulders for the first time,

The boat is new. “Fast, funny and competitive” according to a crew who has sailed against them for many years, the “Red Devils Sailing Team. A boat to follow closely, especially in its confrontation with the TP52s.

The Half-Tonner Sibelius, usually sailing in the Atlantic, will have aboard the president of UNCL, Jean-Philippe Cau. Sibelius is one of ten competitors in the half tonner category, and could contend in the fight for the title. Former IOR racers, first built in the 1970’s, the half-tonner class has been a reference boat since it was supported during the solo race Aurore, then Le Figaro.

In the context of The Hague 2018 Offshore Sailing World Championship, organized in ORCi and IRC, UNCL will offer on request an IRC certificate to boats holding an ORCi 2017 certificate. “We encourage boats that normally race ORCi to join in and race in this IRC event,”the President of the UNCL says.

The four days of the competition will consist of tactical and coastal courses, including a long race. The opening ceremony will take place at the Union Nautique Marseillaise (UNM) on Wednesday 5 July, with the awards ceremony will be held at the Cercle Nautique et Touristique du Lacydon (CNTL) on Sunday 9 July.

The boats must be docked at the Societe Nautique de Marseille (SNM), by 0900 on July 5, and that day will be devoted to registration and equipment inspection. The boats will be moored and grouped every day on the pontoons of the SNM (Quai de Rive-Neuve).

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