NEW: Grand Soleil custom line

Grand Soleil custom line

Cantiere del Pardo, the mother of all, has opened a new brand called Grand Soleil Custom which will be dedicated to custom sailing boats between 60 to 80 feet.
A new production of this kind brought Cantiere del Pardo to open a new shipyard in Fano city which is about an hour drive from Forlì, as space and different technologies are required.

A dedicated team which is specialized in Maxi boat production will take care of the whole construction process, while important naval architects and designers will be welcome to take part. The custom line will mainly provide small series of semi custom production, using by request different materials for the hull and deck, starting from carbon fiber up to fiber glass while the interiors will be completely customized by the request of the owners.

Grand Soleil 80 – launch june 2018

The first hull signed is the GS 80 Custom designed in collaboration with the famous Italian naval architect Ceccarelli. This specific hull and deck will be made completely in carbon fiber and will be dedicated to the racing world, yet will have the comfort of a cruiser.

The GS 80 will be launched in June 2018 and will be presented for the first time in Cannes boat show, Monaco and other important super yacht boat show worldwide. The interiors are divided in two main areas to separate the crew zone from the guests and owner.

Grand Soleil 80

Crew cabins are located in the stern, with a separated entrance in case of need and a direct connection to the navigation table, engine room and kitchen. 2 guests and the owner cabin are located in the bow while a fourth cabin can be transformed into guest or crew cabin when needing a chef or extra hostess for example.

The boat will be fully equipped for long sailing and will provide many storage areas as well as a closet cabin, a special request made by his wife.
The hull and deck plan are dedicated to racing with the latest equipment and sails. The owner’s plans are to follow the most important racing circuits and in between to enjoy sailing with his wife and kid in a comfortable, stylish and luxurious boat, which was designed especially for his needs.

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