PREVIEW: J/22 World Championship

J/22 World Championship

This coming week, the J/22 World Championship will be taking place as part of the world-famous North Sea Week, hosted in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.  The 2017 edition will include a very competitive fleet of J/22 sailors from Canada, Cayman Islands, France, Germany, and The Netherlands.  The fleet can count on professional race management and extensive social activities on shore as part of the North Sea Week experience, one of the world’s (and Europe’s) best summer-time mega-sailing events.

What is the form for this fleet of thirty-nine boats?  Ironically, the top billing must go to the top two visiting teams- one is a J/22 Worlds Vice—Champion- Mike Farrington’s 7-SITZER/ EX-ISLES from the Cayman Islands and the other is Canadian skipper Johan Koppernaes on RAISED J that has North Sails’ top specialist Mike Marshall as trim/ tactician.

As for the continental European triangle of the German/ Dutch/ French teams, the leading crews on the leaderboard could be Fabien Toureaux’s BEASTIE BOYS, Reiner Brockerhoff’s JAZZY, Patrick Huet’s EUROPEAN HOMES, Svend Hartog’s MOJO4ROOKIES, Tom Losch’s JOUJOU3, Nienke Reina Jorna’s JAM SESSION, Jean-Michel Lautier’s FRAPORITA, Dirk Jan Verdoorn’s JUT EN JUL, Kim Bos’ DJINN, Lisanne Nijdam’s TU DELFT/BROACH/1365, Jochem GrootJen’s SLAM, and Nic Bol’s QUANTUM HOLLAND. 

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