Fareast 28R World Championship – One race day left for the World title

Fareast 28R

Great consistency from both Griffin Sailing Team and Drake on the race course today, and with only one race day left they are head to head for the World title, with the 3rd place being left to claim from the rest of the fleet.

Tomorrow we are going to find the first World Champion of Fareast 28R Class…do not miss it!

The Fareast 28R is a light boat simple to sail, and the combination of these two elements plus the modern racing design makes it go really fast…

The Fareast 28R is a pure racing performance boat, the outcome of Chinese and Dutch collaboration. It points high upwind and planes downwind reaching high speeds really easy. It excels in any type of conditions from light to medium and high wind speed, as we have seen so far in the World Championship.

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