Griffin Sailing Team wins FAREAST 28R World Championship in Malmö

FAREAST 28R World Championship in Malmö

Welcome to the final day of the Fareast 28R World Championship – where the tension is high and the wind is strong as all the teams prepare for the final act in the waters of Malmö.

The best part of the Championship was kept for this last day. Winds up to 24 knots meant the boats flew across the sea. Griffin Sailing Team and Drake have their own fight for the World title, in this match race contest. Griffin Sailing Team dominated by scoring a 2nd and a 1st – taking the title, leaving second place to Drake.

There were many challengers for the third place. Take Care 2 scored a bullet in the first race to become the favorite – later scoring a 5th in the last race to win that third podium spot.

The first ever Fareast 28R World Championship came to an end with the prize giving ceremony. The winners were awarded and everybody made an appointment for the next World Championship in China.

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