Phantom extends Catamaran Sails Line with DeckSweepers

Phantom Decksweeper sail catamaran

After announcing the launching of a new windsurfing sails line last week, Phantom goes on with another announcement as the company extends its catamaran sails line with a full range of DeckSweepers.

Before Phantom International became the pioneer and leader in foiling catamarans, founder Alex Udin designed high performance sails for famous boatyards and sailors such as Franck Cammas and François Gabart. Phantom catamarans sails notably won 3 world titles, 1 European and many national titles in Formula 18 Class.  

Phantom has built a solid experience with new design technologie such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis, working closely with some of the best experts in the yachting industry.

Today we are extending our sails line with a complete range of DeckSweeper sails, as Alex Udin explains :

“The DeckSweeper concept was introduced a few years ago on the A Class, and these sails are closer than ever from windsurfing sails designs. They have lower centre of effort. This design limits induced drag (vortex) at the bottom of the sails, like the wingtips of a airplane, making the sail more efficient. Overall, it generates more driving force for less heeling moment”.

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