Volvo Ocean Race is racing for the first time to Hong Kong

Volvo Ocean Race

For the first time in history, the Volvo Ocean Race fleet is racing to Hong Kong. Leg 4 gets underway on Tuesday afternoon in Melbourne…

Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race from Melbourne, Australia to Hong Kong, is a 6,000 nautical mile race north, up the east coast of Australia, with the navigational challenge of dodging islands as well as another doldrums crossing, before arriving in Hong Kong for the first time in the history of the race.

“It’s going to be very tough, close racing,” says Phil Harmer, who is returning to Vestas 11th Hour Racing after an injury for his first race action. “There is going to be someone next to you the whole way.”

The skippers have described Leg 4 as:



“Full of opportunity”

“The one I’m scared about… very, very complicated… very stressful”

“We have to be ready for anything”

Leg 4 is scheduled to start at 2pm local time in Melbourne on Tuesday January 2 (0300 UTC).

Watch it on the website:
Head to at 2225 UTC (Jan 1)/09:25am local time on Jan 2 for interviews from the sailor’s terrace and the dock-out parade and 0245 UTC/1:45pm local for the racing, to catch a live stream of the action.

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