Launch of the X4⁶

X4⁶ X-Yachts

On the 17th August, the brand new X4⁶ will be launched for the very first time in Haderslev. And will be prepared for her World Premiere in Scandinavia.
Immediately after the launch, she will be sailed to Marstrand Boat Show in Sweden (24 – 26 August) after which she will go to Ishøj Boat Show (31 August – 2 September). And the list continues.

Niels Jeppesen, Design Director – about the X46:

“This boat will be the ideal family cruiser, that can also get a bit racy at the weekend; It’s fast, stylish and safe. The sailing experience for an X Yacht is meant to be outstanding, and we dare to promise that the X46 will come standard with those build and design features, which for almost four decades have set X Yachts apart”.

Only 8 more weeks to go until launch…

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