2018 EUROSAF Club Sailing European Championship – Day 1

EUROSAF Club Sailing European Championship

The first EUROSAF Club Sailing European Championship will be held in the iconic town of Pylos, in Greece, from the 17th until the 21st of July. A place full of history where the battle of Navarino took place 190 years ago will be the host for this new promising event.

On the opening day of the championship, teams had the chance to go on water for some practice sessions and a practice race. They took the opportunity to check the weather conditions and take a glimpse on their rivals while at the same time they were enjoying sailing in a mesmerizing scenery.

The day ended with the opening ceremony that took place in Poseidonia Restaurant. It was a warm welcome for all the participants. The competition starts tomorrow and it is expected to be fierce. Stay tuned!

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