Eagle Class 53 foiling catamaran

Eagle Class 53 foiling catamaran

Fast Forward Composites is about to debut the exciting new foiling high-performance Eagle Class 53 Catamaran in September. This unique and technologically forward design has been kept quiet and under wraps as it has been developed.

Fast Forward Composites – The Team

Alexandra Cordts:
“Our team on the floor consists of seasoned boatbuilders and composite specialists from around the country as well as from boatbuilding schools in our own backyard – I.Y.R.S. in Newport, Rhode Island and the Landing School in Arundel, Maine. Our crew includes builders from campaigns such as Oracle Racing, Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing, and Comanche, as well as mast builders of Alinghi, Luna Rossa, and Young America.”

“We work together to provide the innovative know-how needed to design and produce exactly what your project requires. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality composite structures, on time and on budget.”

The New Eagle Class Boat

Conceived by professional sailors and designed by an international team of designers, engineers and naval architects, the Eagle Class 53 is the ultimate weekender. EC 53 is equipped with the latest in foiling and wing technology and is capable of navigating at top speeds with unrivaled comfort and luxury.

Eagle Class 53 Catamaran

Eagle Class 53 Catamaran interior

Eagle Class 53

Eagle Class 53 Catamaran design

“Our vision is simple; to deliver the technology and performance of a competitive racing boat to the recreational sailor.”

The boat is also hoping to make its way to Antigua in time for RORC’s Caribbean 600 in February 2019.


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