Dragonfly introduces Dragonfly 32 Evolution and Dragonfly 40

Dragonfly 32 Evolution

With more than 50 years of experience in building fast, folding trimarans, Dragonfly now introduces 2 new members of the Dragonfly family. Both featuring the unique Swing Wing system placing them in a league of their own.


The NEW Dragonfly 32 model is an exciting evolution of a popular model with new highvolume wave piercing floats for fast and relaxed sailing. This new float design improves performance in stronger wind and wave conditions. The famous Dragonfly Quality combined with performance, secures an outstanding experience.

The NEW Dragonfly 32 Evolution replaces the former Dragonfly 32 Supreme, whereas the Dragonfly 32 Touring remains part of the Dragonfly 32 lineup.

World Premiere at the boot 2019 in Düsseldorf.



The Dragonfly family keeps growing, and we are excited to introduce sailing trimaran enthusiasts to our new flagship, the NEW Dragonfly 40. The Dragonfly 40 offers cutting edge design with focus on easy handling and shorthanded sailing.

The spacious cockpit is designed to provide everything you need when sailing and spending days on the water with family and friends. Down below, the well-known Dragonfly style creates a stylish and modern interior.

Dragonfly 40 interior

The NEW Dragonfly 40 offers attention to detail, setting new standards for fast comfortable and safe family offshore sailing.

The fun starts at the launch in May 2019.

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