Salona Yachts enters the ’green zone’ of sailing with Oceanvolt

Salona yacht electric powered

Salona shipyard decided to expand sailing boats gamma by entering the electric powered area of performance sailing.

Salona 33, Salona 35 and Salona 380 will be optionally powered by Oceanvolt electric propulsion system. The sail drive motors are the most advanced patented technology and this alignment with Oceanvolt is a great step forward for Salona to a new era in modern ’green’ yachting.
The yachts will be fully manufactured in Croatia and powered by an Oceanvolt electric propulsion system from Finland. This silent electric propulsion without noise, fumes and minimal vibration is maintenance-free. The 10 kW motor is most efficient at 2200rpm, and it is run off a 48V DC lithium battery system. Those batteries are 45% lighter than other LiFe products on the market which will lighten the boat to reach maximal performance.
Electric powered Salona 35 will be officially launched in summer 2019. Salona Team can not wait to present you yacht with advanced green technology that will have a huge impact on the global environment.

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