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Dehler 30 One Design

The time has come: Hanse Yachts’s extraordinary, groundbreaking project is about to launch worldwide and we would like to inform you in advance as a press partner.

With the Dehler 30 one design, Dehler is stepping into the future as the brand of Germany’s largest production yard. The Dehler name has always stood for pioneering performance cruisers and high-performance regatta boats and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Now it’s time for a new dimension.

From the very first glance, it becomes clear that the Dehler 30 one design is set on a new, uncompromising course. With just a few clicks you can switch from cruising mode to race mode – out of the comfort zone into the adventure. She offers a maximum of performance with the simplest handling, all with basic liveaboard comfort. A perfectly thought-out package in 30 feet, the boat will set new standards in her class.

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After the Sprinta Sport and the db1, the Dehler 30od is the logical next step in the raceoriented one-design segment – without losing sight of cruising sailors.

“We wanted a light, fast boat that was capable of winning regattas – without giving up living comfort for holiday trips,”

says designer Matthias Bröker from judel / vrolijk & co.

The unconditional combination of function and comfort all inside a tight weight envelope presented our designers with a Herculean task that could only be mastered with design innovations, state-of-the-art materials and completely new thinking.

Project Manager Karl Dehler explains:

“Although the futuristic, sporty exterior of the 30od suggests a pure racing yacht, the emphasis has shifted from the original cruiser-racer to racercruiser.”

The ultimate in sailing fun and performance, combined with the proven Dehler DNA – that’s the new Dehler 30 one design!

Thanks to our sophisticated manufacturing processes and experience as a series boatbuilder, we
can offer this state-of-the-art racer-cruiser at an exceptionally fair price.

The first sailors who order the Dehler 30 one design will benefit in particular: until 30 June 2019, pay just €99,900.

Orders confirmed after that will pay €108,900.

  • Design judel/ vrolijk & co
  • Interior judel/ vrolijk & co/ Dehler Yachts
  • Dehler Stealth drive Bieker Boats

More images and Dehler 30 one design specifications on

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