Exciting J/24 European Championship in the making

J/24 European Championship

There are almost fifteen days left before the first official race of the J/24 Class European Championship, organized by the Sailing Club of Patra, in collaboration with the Hellenic and International J/24 Class and the Hellenic Sailing Federation.

Some 175 sailors and thirty-five crews from all around Europe have already arrived or are expected to arrive in the city of Patra, the third largest city of Greece. Patra is well known for its annual carnival and is surrounded by some of the most magnificent, well-known archaeological sites of Greece.

Preparations are well on the way, with official races commencing on May 7th. Prior to that, measurements, registration and a practice race will be held from the 4th to the 6th of May 2019. All boats will moor at the pier of Agios Nikolaos in the old northern harbor of the city.  Racing will be taking place just outside of the harbor, providing spectators with the possibility to observe a magnificent view of all J/24’s racing around the course. Besides the sailing, the Sailing Club of Patra has planned an exciting program of social events for all the participants.

Following a very successful J/24 World Championship in Italy with ninety participants, the city of Patra is ready to host another exciting event for the world’s largest keelboat class. The European J/24 Championship is open to anyone; and last minute registrations are welcome! We have a few more J/24 charter boats available for these last minute crews who would like to participate.

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