No racing on Day #1 of the North Sea Regatta

Marit Bouwmeester

It didn’t came as a shock to many when notice #8 was posted this morning. Due to the heavy winds the race committee decided to call off the racing for today and keep everyone safe. 

A very brave Olympic Champion Marit Bouwmeester, dared to go out on the water with her coach and our photographer Sander van der Borch. However, the adventure was short lived and she was called back by the harbor master as the condictions were found not safe.

On the Docks

What was rainy and windy, turned sunny and windy and people slowly started to come out of hiding. At 15.00 the KNRM docked in the harbor and opened up their vessel to the North Sea Regatta. Meanwhile the bar was opened while the crowd arrived for dinner followed by live music. 

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