MarineVerse Cup – Alpha: free multiplayer yacht racing for VR headset owners

MarineVerse Cup

Full steam ahead! The team behind the awardwinning ‘VR Regatta’ is now offering an alpha version of MarineVerse Cup via Steam for free.

MarineVerse Cup is a competitive VR sailing game that wants to bring multiplayer yacht racing to everyVR headset owner.

MarineVerse Cup is being created for both gamers who enjoy advanced simulations, and sailors whowant to sharpen their racing skills off the water.

The game itself is a product of years of research,development, design, and testing.The game offers daily and weekly races, with varying wind conditions and courses that will test theplayers sailing and racing skills.

Players will battle their way up the racing leaderboards and makefriends along the way as they compete for the monthly MarineVerse Cup.

The MarineVerse team is committed to democratizing sailing. MarineVerse Cup has been designed forthe latest generation of standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest, making it easy for a casual sailor toget into virtual reality sailing.

Today’s release puts an early access build of the game into the players hands. The team is looking forcommunity feedback and involvement to deliver a fun and authentic VR sailing experience.

MarineVerse Cup is available today on ​Steam​ and is compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, andWindows Mixed Reality headsets.

Game-play video

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 Story of VR Regatta

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