Experienced racing sailors in big trouble off the coast of Scheveningen after man overboard

Man over board

Two experienced racing sailors got into big trouble this Saturday morning off the coast of Scheveningen in The Netherlands. Due to the turbulent weather, one of the two crew members went overboard, after which the other sailed with the yacht on a sandbank.

The sailing yacht Double Edge, the Corby 38 of Dutch skipper Chris Schram, participated this Saturday in the Bruine Bank Race, a 100-mile long Doublehanded sailing race organised by Jachtclub Scheveningen.

The sailors got into trouble during the finish in front of the harbour head. One of them fell overboard, after which the crew member sent out a mayday. The crew member who was thrown overboard was soon taken out of the water by some surfers who were nearby.

The other sailor stranded on an sandbank a few metres off the coast. The KNRM resque service helped to get this person ashore. Both sailors turned out to have no injuries.

The boat was pulled afloat by a KNRM ship to a deeper stretch of sea. From there the boat was escorted to the harbour.

Double Edge

In the meantime we talked to skipper Chris schram and he told us the complete story and the facts:

“To clarify, we didn’t miss the pier, the finish was between the North Cardinal buoy and the northern pier, (I think the first and probably the last time). After we finished, we returned to the pier, and dropped the jib (always a sail on = good practice). We started the engine, and checked the lines, but missed a spinnaker sheet. Line in the propeller, then tried to turn around under sail, but we had a draft of 2.6m, so we quickly ran aground. Raymond fell overboard after a breaker knocked us flat. I then immediately sent out a Mayday”.

“Two surfers then helped Raymond. He was very relaxed and had a lot of training. I only had to wait a few minutes for the KNRM. The rescuer of the surfboard said: “I know it’s difficult to leave your boat, but I think it’s best if you come to me. Fine, nice rescue service. We are going to pick up the boat tomorrow. There is no leakage just damaged sceptres and pulpit. The keel of the Corby is very strong and we are very grateful for that”.


Double Edge Corby 38

Chris Schram’s Corby 38 “Double Edge” in better times (Delta weekend 2018)

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