About ClubRacer

16 years ago, Eddy Lekens launched the website ClubRacer, an online platform dedicated to sailing. He never dared to dream that ClubRacer would become the most popular sailing website in Belgium and the Netherlands.

With more than 4000 unique visitors a day, ClubRacer can call itself the Benelux’s most popular sailing website.  Since October 2002, ClubRacer has been presenting completely independent news about sailing and yachting.

In addition to the regular news sections, the editorial team regularly provides a fresh breeze with a number of special pages according to what current events, product development and the sailing regattree calendar have in store.

In order to achieve all this, the editorial team consists of sailors and racing sailors, amateurs & professionals, 7 days a week. By working closely with the best water sports photographers and filmmakers, we can provide our readers with all the action images in no time.