Why advertise on ClubRacer?

Google Analytics report outbound

ClubRacer is not just a website where you advertise.  A team of digital marketers will constantly assist you in making your campaign as successful as possible. The big advantage for advertisers is that our sailing community, which has more than 8700 followers, is actively looking for products and services in yachting. We always think along with you to reach this community as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ClubRacer receives more than 4,000 unique visitors a day and has a totally unique range of 40,000 sailors and those interested in sailing.

How come ClubRacer ranks so high in Google?

We create the best sailing news and therefore have a lot of visitors and a low bounce ratio. On average, 4 to 5 pages per session are viewed, which makes a high time on site score.

And we have to tell you that ClubRacer works closely with the Lucky Cookie a Content Marketing and SEO agency , it’s known as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Belgium for the sailing industry.

4 reasons why you should advertise on ClubRacer

1. You will receive a performance report

On simple request, we will provide you with a detailed Google Analytics report on the performance of your banner(s).

Google Analytics report outbound

2. You are sure of the greatest reach and best audience

  • 100,000 page visits per month
  • 40,000 unique visitors per month
  • +8,700 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Vimeo
  • ClubRacer.eu has been always in the top 5 of the 10 most popular water sports websites ranking measured by Alexa, an Amazon company.

3. Approaching the right audience

  • Very active sailors and boatowners
  • Higher educated: More than 85% of ClubRacer.eu readers have completed their secondary education. More than 60% have a high school or university degree.
  •  Geographical: on ClubRacer.eu 44% of our readers come from the Netherlands, 13,47% from Belgium, 11,13% from the United States, 4,3% from France, 3.6% from the United Kingdom, 2,9% from Spain and 2,34% from Germany.

4. You can choose from several IAB advertisment/budget formats (gif, jpg)

  • Leaderboard 1387×387 (300Kb initial download, 2.2mb progressif)
  • Large Rectangle 336×280 (50Kb initial download, 2.2mb progressif)
  • Skyscraper 160×600 (50Kb initial download, 2.2mb progressif)
  • Square 125×125 (30Kb)
  • Product ads


Contact us directly at adverteren@clubracer.be

If you want to talk for a while, then you can:

  • Eddy Lekens: +32 472 730 855
  • Kathleen Rutten: +32 485 06 26 77